Travel for Change at Top Safaris Uganda

Travel for Change:

Make a long-lasting positive impact on your Trip

More and more people are choosing to travel, and increasingly to more remote destinations and Great Destinations in Uganda – while this means the impacts of tourism are constantly growing, they don’t have to be negative! We have significant responsibility and opportunity to not only minimize the negative consequences of tourism but make a long-lasting positive impact too. From protecting the environment and its animals to educating others and supporting the communities you visit – be a responsible tourist and you can change the world as you travel.

Local Communities

Where your money goes is important, we work hard to ensure our local expenses remain in the communities we’re visiting. From our local guides and accommodation to the families we work with in remote areas – each guest we can bring to a community brings an incredible opportunity to help support their local economy.

Environmental Protection

Travelling the world is close to our heart, which means so is protecting it as we do. Join us and be part of the solution, not the problem! From coastal clean-ups and limiting all plastic usage on our trips to partnering with eco-friendly suppliers and trusts, you can minimize your travel footprint with us!


We believe that travel changes you; one of the things we want to inspire in our travellers is a change in how you travel. From teaching our guests how to protect the coral reefs we visit inspiring them to organize their own beach cleanups in the future – we practice what we preach, so the rest of the travel community will follow.

Animal Welfare

It’s very common, especially in Africa where the wildlife is so abundant, to see animals abused for tourism. We work very closely with responsible suppliers to make sure we never support any activity that mistreats animals. We also started a project called Bwindi, where we work with an animal welfare organisation to organize free spay and neuter events for local animals.

Reduce Plastics

We wouldn’t say we hate plastic, but… we really hate plastic. We’ve worked really hard to limit plastic usage on our trips and we do more than just talk about it. We’ve made our Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia tours plastic-free by working with suppliers to cut out plastic usage and introduce refill stations at every possible opportunity.

Top Safari Travels

Travelling is in our blood; it’s what makes us who we are. We are passionate about providing unique and Transformational Travel experiences. We think everyone should have the chance to travel. So every year, we send someone who otherwise maybe wouldn’t have been able to travel to his or her dream destination. This year we will send the legendary Ravi, one of our local guides from Sri Lanka to Japan, it’s been a dream of his for a long time and anyone that’s travelled with Ravi knows just how much he deserves it.

Local Communities

The reach that we have by bringing groups of travellers to underfunded areas of the world is huge. From our school visits and community projects to the amazing Organizations we work with like UWEC your trip will have more than just an impact on you, you can change lives with your tourism.

Supporting Local Schools

We visit schools in rural communities to offer cultural exchange and work together to fund projects through donations. By visiting these underfunded communities on our tours, our guests can bring along school supplies and we can directly donate to where it’s needed to make a real difference. Our past projects have included building a new daycare centre in a rural community, contributing to huge infrastructure improvements, and sponsoring local football teams to provide uniforms and equipment!